Welcome to CoMoUK’s course on shared transport

This course has been funded by Transport Scotland, and although, whilst it is tailored for planners and developers in Scotland, the majority of its content will be equally relevant across the UK.

Shared transport can be defined as a mode of transport that is shared across multiple users, rather than the model of owning your mode of transport. Shared transport options include car clubs, bike share and ride share. Through this course, we will share our knowledge and examples of shared transport and how it can be utilised and incorporated within new developments.

Our course has four modules and as you work your way through we will talk about policy, procedures and the wide ranging benefits of shared transport.

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About the Course

CoMoUK is excited to be bringing the first shared transport course to you. By the end of this course we hope you will feel confident in your knowledge of the role shared transport can play in new developments.

The course will explore the benefits of shared transport ranging from;

  • Delivering on policy aims and objectives around
  • Environmental benefits in terms of CO2 emissions and air quality
  • Positive impacts for residents in these developments

The aim of this course is to ensure we start planning today for better transport tomorrow.

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Module one will take you through what shared transport is, how car clubs fit into the wider transport system, and the different benefits they can achieve if designed into new developments.

Module two will look at which sites are best suited for car clubs and how to incorporate them into new developments to help encourage more sustainable travel choices.

Module three will look at what is needed to make car clubs successful, focussing on what councils can do to support car clubs in new developments through supportive parking standards and Section 75 (S75) agreements.

Module 4 will take you through what bike share is, different models, the benefits to new developments, and practical considerations for siting docking stations.

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Funded by Transport Scotland