Shared Transport for Planners

Is this course for you? If you have an interest in influencing planning and transport to achieve safer neighbourhoods, reducing pollution, reducing pressures on parking, improving accessibility and increasing active travel then the answer is yes.

This course is made up of four modules, each on a different topic to aid your learning. Each of these modules will take approximately an hour to complete. 

On completing the course, you will have a full understanding of;

  • what car clubs are and their benefits 
  • how car clubs can be incorporated at the planning stages for new developments and the benefits of this 
  • the different models of bike share schemes 
  • which shared transport schemes are most suitable in which types of location
  • best practice for incorporating shared transport into council guidance

The course is set-up to allow you to save and return to the course at any point. The course is CPD certified and will help you in your professional development. 

Within this course you will cover four modules on a variety of topics; below is a short explanation of each module.

You can return to this page as needed to refresh your memory on the course topics. 

Module 1: An introduction to car clubs and their benefits

Module one will take you through what shared transport is, how car clubs fit into the wider transport system, and the different benefits they can achieve if designed into new developments.

Module 2 – How to incorporate car clubs into new developments

Module two will look at which sites are best suited for car clubs and how to incorporate them into new developments to help encourage more sustainable travel choices.

Module 3: Supportive council policy for car clubs

Module three will look at what is needed to make car clubs successful, focussing on what councils can do to support car clubs in new developments through supportive parking standards and Section 75 (S75) agreements.

Module 4: Bike share

Module 4 will take you through what bike share is, different models, the benefits to new developments, and practical considerations for siting docking stations.

Throughout the course there will be quizzes, in order to pass Shared Transport for Planners you need to achieve a total score of 65%.

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